Prenatal Music

“One of the findings …. Is the early development of highly organized and remarkable articulate speech of those children who have been exposed to prenatal music stimulation”
... Shetler, Donald J., “The Inquiry into Prenatal Musical Experience” Music and Child Development.

Recent research indicates that babies have astonishing mental abilities before they are born. Dorothy Jones, Suzuki Early Childhood Educator and long time advocate of music for very young children is convinced that society must focus on the development of progras for new parents - a kind of “preventative approach” which will give first time parents suggestions about enhanced communication with the unborn child. Using music to establish a strong and loving bond between unborn children and their parents can befefit the emotional and intellectual growth of the baby. This course will also help parents to create an enriched learning environment for baby after birth.


PRENATAL COURSE available at Thames Valley Suzuki School

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