Phase One

After the birth of your baby, consider Phase One music classes at Thames Valley Suzuki School. These classes develop and promote listening skills and language acquisition as well as developing early music skills.

The curriculum includes lullabies, nursery rhymes and action songs for babies and toddlers. Parents are encouraged to use the recoding of this curriculum at home regularly. Infants and toddlers learn through the senses and through social interaction. A musical environment filled with songs and rhymes will train the ears and musical senses of babies. Children learn language (the mother tongue) through listening and imitation in the beginning stage. It is a joyful experience and this can be the way with all learning.

“Sung music is the most pleasurable for babies. Singing combines speech with music and provides a level of intellectual and emotional experience for the parents and babies that language alone cannot provide. Music is primarily processed in the right hemisphere of the brain, and speech in the left for most people, so singing stimulates pathways for hemispheric interaction.” .... Leon Thurman

Weekly PHASE ONE music classes are available at Thames Valley Suzuki School

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